A tradition of quality continues to grow.

In the Spring of 1847, James Coleman, his wife Frances, and their infant daughter Anna left Iowa for good. A monumental decision had been made–they would venture westward on the Oregon Trail in search of opportunity. They left behind friends, family, and everything they knew in exchange for the promise of the new life that awaited them on the other side of so much wild and untamed country.

Guided by grit, determination, and an unwavering sense of purpose, the Coleman family weathered the journey and made it to the western edge of the Oregon territory. Our family was one of the first to settle at the St. Paul Mission and it wasn’t long before these pioneers put plow to earth and began building their legacy.

Six generations later, the Coleman family farming operation has grown and expanded across much of the Willamette Valley–some of the most fertile land on the planet. Over the past 170 years, the crops and farming methods have changed, but the innovative spirit and impassioned work ethic of our ancestors remain deeply ingrained in our family and our business. By producing the highest quality products in a responsible and sustainable manner, we remain true to ourselves and to our heritage. And that’s something that will never change.